9 favourites from 2016

So 2016 is over and although the media would have you believe it was all bad, to which I agree it wasn’t a vintage year for politics, it does appear looking back through my photos that I had a lot of fun. So I have quickly picked 9 pictures from the year that stand out as favourites of mine. Some because I think they are cool shots, other because they were fun times!


Liam Fyfe holding the swing whilst Bouldering in the Preseli Hills, Pembrokeshire.

Liam Fyfe holding the swing whilst Bouldering in the Preseli Hills, Pembrokeshire. Bouldering pics are so much fun as the movement is usually more dynamic plus its easier to try different angles and experiment with equipment.

Haverfordwest Skatejam 2016

Haverfordwest Skatejam 2016. A brilliant local event which was a great opportunity to try a photograph something different.


So many of my pictures happen whilst walking the dogs, and this one quite literally takes advantage of both.

Heaven5LOWRES (1 of 1)

Milky way above a Pembrokeshire church. Astrophotography is amazingly addictive but brings with it so many challenges, this is my favourite so far.

YCS Final

My main role in climbing is as a performance coach, and this moment at the 2016 YC S final reminded me why I love it so much. Watching Little Efa give everything was incredible, i don’t remember her finishing position as it really doesn’t matter her fight and heart was bigger than anyones that moment!

French boat graveyard

French boat graveyard. Whilst on trips their are so many opportunities for photography and although the light isn’t great, it was the middle of the day. I love this pic of some abandoned fishing boats whilst between surfs on our van trip this year.

Climbing, Gower.

Rock climbing on Gower, Another one of the young climbers I used to coach, this time Cai who has gone on to become an incredible athlete and an incredible friend. Here he is hanging out with his dad at Foxhole cove.

Richard Millier climbing Ghost Train E6

All aboard the Ghost Train. Friend and work colleague Richard making a great flash ascent of a famous Pembroke route. Having climbed this route my self i had fond memories but actually hanging in space taking pictures had my heart beating way more as a fall from here would not be pleasant viewing.


My last picture from 2016, id say something ‘arty’ along the lines of something new starting blah blah blah. But in reality i just liked the light and took this snap shot .