No Words

Been a few months, and lots has happened. Some good, plenty not so good. So I figured I would finally get back on to the blog and keep it simple by keeping it to pictures as I don’t have many words at the moment.


Had a lot of dreams and wishes for this year and the future. Phone pic


Been trying to do new things each week, had some pain and fun skating.

Emily Phillips climbing ‘Jerrys roof’ in the pass.

Been climbing a lot, and trying some cool projects.

Spending all my time with my best friend, Tufa! Phone pic

She has had a lot of new adventures. and met some new friends. Phone pic

Some are not so friendly. Phone pic

Did a photoshoot with Jon Butters at Rhossili. Phone pic

Result of playing with his amazing flash equipment!

Jon took this fantastic pic of me and Tufa, check out his site

The sunset was special too.

been climbing and hanging around Pembroke a lot, happened upon Ali Kennedy who climbed ‘Big Issue’ in amazing style!

Seen a lot of sunrises of late. Phone pic

Which Tufa seems to enjoy! Phone pic

I have been climbing ok again. ticked the first goal I had set myself by taking on the runout on ‘Boat to Naxos’, Once again big thanks to Jon Butters for a fantastic photo!

An incredibly hard trip to Scotland for the YCS final, but Gwen did fantastic taking the victory. Photo Jez Morgan

She also made the British Team!

Emily Phillips went on to her first European Podium!

The wolf pack. Phone pic

Church doors. Phone pic

until next time. Phone pic